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They say every person has a song that reflects their very soul and what truly lies within their heart. So tell me... What kind of melodies does your heart reveal? [Indie Pokemon OC RP Blog. Current m!a: None]


The Leader needs some sleep.



"As nice as the sentiment is, I don’t know how well it will help. I’m not even entirely sure what I’ve gotten myself into… though the idea of a pokemon being corrupted in any way is troubling."

"I know the feeling. It sickens me when I can sense a Pokemon’s negative emotions, it’s even so bad I get headaches and dizzy spells." A small pause at the male gave a warm smile and dropped down from the tree. "Skyler Airborne, but Skye will do. I’m kinda the one that organized and rallied everyone together."



"The air is tense… I doubt I’ll be getting any sleep tonight…"

"The feeling is mutual." The male spoke giving a friendly smile from atop a tree, "Perhaps a melody will help calm your nerves."

daycaretrainer replied to your post:"Another plate was found, thanks to a friend who wants to help. He found the Mind plate. I’m gonna keep it with me, for now."

"Don’t worry, they’ll be safe here. My grandma installed a safe into the building, so least I can keep ‘em there."

"That’s good for now. Good luck."

"Another plate was found, thanks to a friend who wants to help. He found the Mind plate. I'm gonna keep it with me, for now."


"Good that’s five now. Though I’m getting a bit worried about the Plates being in one place even if Arceus trusts you." A momentary pause. "Keep them there for now, but before we go into battle, I’m going to need them. I have a idea for them."

☆ -- "Heard you were the one handling this whole Plate mess." Touko reached into her bag, hand closing around one Dread Plate. "Got got for ya. Free of charge."


"Excellent! Thank you so much!" The male smiled as he took hold of the Plate and held it firmly in his grasp. "I’ll be sure to hide it along with the others. Glad to know everyone’s helping out. That makes four now."

"Good news! I was able to find the Draco and Sky Plates. Adding two more to the pile. How’s everyone doing so far?"

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