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They say every person has a song that reflects their very soul and what truly lies within their heart. So tell me... What kind of melodies does your heart reveal? [Indie Pokemon OC RP Blog. Current m!a: None]

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Red lips: I'll write about either character falling in love at ‘first sight’ but simply admiring the other from afar, too shy to make the first move
Warmth: Our muses doing something fluffy and cute together
Wash: I’ll write a drabble of our characters showering/bathing together.
Together: Our muses dying together, telling all their secrets and confessing things.
Torture Me: I’ll write a drabble about either character torturing the other
Sleep: My character needs to stay at your character’s house for the night, or vise versa
Bed: I’ll write a drabble of our muses snuggling in bed
Rain: I’ll write a fluffy drabble of our characters kissing in the rain
Love: I’ll write a drabble of my character admitting they love yours
I’m Sorry: My character feels guilty for being behind the wheel during the accident that left yours in the hospital, or vise versa
Hold Me: Your muse has had a nightmare and comes to cuddle mine for safety or vise versa
Child: I’ll write our characters raising a child
A Little Messy!: Our muses being adorable cleaning up a mess together
A Little Sleepy: One of our muses falls asleep on the other

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Reblog if you’re okay with other characters developing crushes on your characters.

Just to let people know that you will not be upset or uncomfortable if their characters do develop crushes and act/make advances to your characters! Also if you’re okay with certain characters but not others then please specify!  (◡‿◡)



[Cue unamused expression.]

A sudden shocked expression covers his face.

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